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i am on cloud by the river. a little too late i may need. was in the way they go about in the way it will in the end and pull them in. that they are good. and the little guys. know that i'm not making any evidence at all but you know i needed. my belief. that they would. be. well over. a native of the planet and i'm not going to be.
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disinflation very little inflation for decades interest rates have gone down for thirty years markets and rally for thirty years now the whole thing is reversing interest rates are going up so is inflation so we'll see how that plays out if wages rise faster than inflation. as such then trying to wonder if wages don't rise as fast as a business deal inflation then we got trouble. close . are some fool jumping on.
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indigenous people as you know we that the. people treat. most flukey should say that only behind but the earth moves. and all of a sudden the man just. impled be there. i said i wouldn't entering its building if they would not allow me. even if they will shoot we. had all along a million million indeed i'm not i'm not picking on you been thought to be chubby you don't want to go you may not know you got a. good one i mean you can be are you.
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going if the house of an. american. i know all but i just i was yeah i know i'm just one that also you know one just moment one moment we use them so now i'm going to answer is a little bit no one that it's who you are. that's it that you want so i need the next that are part of i know for us i need to buy and medicine for him so that's with us and it's not enough for him you know. my god. he's living. everybody's tells me i've been there and his name bore him she tells me that. the girls the padding and more babies also came here for asking i'm on the also support there everybody fell flat on both of us and
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we're like. son where how be and on and everything are wires and in. it i'm dying and my thorn is thought sharp if i get laid or if i leap one mean even one means he doesn't give me any more than one so i need to wait and i don't mind the get them on. scene was a member. of the not. so much and i don't think they will be just. starting with little. difficult to say no it's just that everybody is everybody even even his new
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board and even all the worst of. the board up war where he's always been here. these did. that. it's not that now it's you that's your baby it was there to see him there he had and same thing i i love him. and one that was always and. he's sure and he's like i'm me ok no need for their incredibly. are my all my friends that's maybe billy's no longer i guess if i didn't get the u.i. on him for it not working. out that. i think might and not. much i do i don't have that much money he actually has i can see if we have no
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idea how much money while they're single for high game work for my friends a get some water over their own something or it change how the old lady in his room for a. moment. i gonna take its toll for the night and i can buy or what you want for the fords and told everything that everything that gets me so i just go i guess give it to the b. and. for order life sometimes life the just gave me only i. know you were a. fool for food everybody did me go for it i don't buy that and i go out there on a plane and. i just go home without him nothing in
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a bin or an nothing at all so i just asked to my friends they've been published on something for for the. kids were the foods. they were being. so it's really hard but i got the name for anybody it is made right. from that you. have an appointment that. that's why i made friends they already called the parent get the money and they ever make. before i'll be there and just will there for me you know. that. and me that my house bill was we don't come in and stuff for them to. come. into we're going to want them i got them back if.
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you. talk to them give again i'm trying to tell. them to make sure you're my friend that you want and you want us on the hotline and out there not. something you want don't get in the works are going to go where i know and that you know me you know how. can i handle a long time ago how to. take the gilliver but you can't take the birth of a girl. you know that when. he would get me it's like well you can take the good lives you go. but you can't take but it would be good to send you
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to change that my. younger step such a move in a woman you know i don't trust. oh. i see charlie playing in the street with some other kids he wasn't. his appearance gave him away.
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but. chiles found his name is patrick and with irish roots his filipino mother didn't just tricks at the local bar. i look for jing and about . and then we talk you know and. then go back and come back and. and then we get married there in the philippines i just love her you know just love . the smile and she's funny funny you know and then she was very good very good face to face was good to you know but you know for me it was i was happy you know happy to be love again because i didn't love love for maybe two years or maybe three years. you know because my
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wife when he leaves me i just want to kill her. but i shouldn't say that but that's my my faith in and out that was my faith in charlie this life. can you bring this this really. sweet. bring him out thank you very much thank you. two years ago patrick had a stroke and then his young wife suffered the same fate jan is just thirty four and for the moment she can either speak no walk or despite everything though she can still be seen as one of the lucky ones. husband kept his promise to be true to her in good times and in bad in sickness and in health. one of the. legs is ok but to older one is not really is not good at
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the moment but. he will get better. thus this is the plan. we get from marriage ten fourteen years ago i've done i was forty five. i was one hundred and twenty kilo's. i was in big really big my face was right there and here i was right there. she was. a eighteen years old man it goes. they have to go to the bar because you have to have to eat. push what's going on. when h. . but you
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do today. really. write a book from charlie patrick in jane have two more children both grown up jen had one of them when she was just sixteen and working as a prostitute it would be a stretch to say their lives resemble a hollywood story but only local bar girls dream of a happy ending just like in the movie pretty woman. from our store all. of. them are still. not. here tomorrow. activity but in the. morning. that's when the national theatre oh my i think planet that living with and the nation money fighting to find our own will lead us one
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hundred. one gus i don't know was the one who. had no home whistle playing oh my. god i know. say enough. and done well. then i will do my thing so that wishful playing. i'm going to. buy me out and i go. yeah i know you. discussed that i'm going to. go and go. yeah i was. there i don't think you should know.
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the sun. just. north.
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i've. zia's says harlan kentucky. over all of this move them
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boys says it was very funny using. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal was said. that it was a laugh to see these people a survivor. disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. i am. right we're all set to start in private concert in the studio house a signal. he's not going to talk about. just
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me right after the morris explorers one new put of their. record. to say. seek help. i am. told they are strong and told them to sophie and tell i'm so sweet sherrick not said today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our gas to. good luck that. this is. secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it literally i like to call this to do graphic
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solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standards not know the highest ranks of the catholic church help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that of the son as the end and then i think you leave it at tuesday's out and. stuff. like up. to.
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arrest some made of the right wing rally in the us city of portland with police attempting to prevent clashes with leftist counter protesters. as democrats and republicans campaign in local and then rushing all mid-term elections will look at how both parties are using president trump's image to get their message across. thousands rally in the israeli city of tel aviv furious at a controversial new law that's seen as discriminating against jewish citizens.
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and venezuelan president nicolas maduro was targeted by drones armed with explosives during a speech at a national event in years on home. thanks for joining us on the international. you're very welcome with us on the program. the first arrests have been made in portland oregon during a rally which is the right wing group patriots prayer face off against self described anti-fascist counter protesters police have ordered crowds disperse after some protesters threw rocks and bottles at them this is used flash bangs in an attempt to control the demonstrators. i.
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i. i. i. i. i i have already several injured as hundreds of demonstrators many of whom are valid to bring down these have gathered in little rock in the city center as mentioned others calling themselves anti fascist that they were gathered for a counter protest. rally in portland this summer breeze to also descend into violence as its members clashed with police and to demonstrate just police say that the extra security measures that have been set up this time include barricades and screening all illegal weapons. well this event also comes ahead of the one get out of a summary of the now infamous you not the right rally in charlottesville out of it
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so heavy clashes and one left wing demonstrator was killed by a white nationalist since then violence has regularly flat out between the right wing and anti fascist groups that would have warning over the following images.
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american political cartoonist and columnist ted roll told us this rally was planned as a rematch of shots feel it is so much attack it is and this is almost like a scheduled game site or a fight after school between our rivals and there's a lot unfortunately kind of a sense of bravado on both sides where there is you know it's a sense of rematch of charlottesville and i've been following twitter feeds and from portland and it looks like the as we've seen in charlottesville indeed other cities where these sort of events that occurred there seems to be more concerned about the forces that the china protesters in the right even though the right usually starts provokes in the key. sure we'll. run with.
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who they really are the people who are seriously. there's more at stake for american voters in the upcoming midterm elections than simply choosing who they want in congress votes considered to be one of the most important in recent history because it could swing the republican majority that allows donald trump to deliver on his policies there's also the possibility that a democratic majority could make threats of his impeachment much more realistic that's why politicians from both sides are tapping trump in their campaigns. explains. now the midterm elections are months away and across the country it seems pretty clear that the elections will focus on one single issue donald trump that's not an exaggeration check out this campaign ad from florida everyone knows my husband ron to santa is indorsed by president trump he's also an amazing dad ron loves playing the kids build the wall he reads the stories then mr trump said
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you're right you're right about that and maybe america. now that just scientists has the blessing of the donald he's rising in the polls trump has actually managed to resurrect a number of republican primary campaigns and for the democrats trump is an easy punching bag and the bogeyman check out how this candidate is marketing his message i'm rich metal you know i'm running for governor to deliver progressive results and to stand up to donald trump here a few of the things i've done that already in theory i protected planned parenthood from the republicans in congress. and what's the number one way and i. for the republicans. take that trump now the ad never really makes clear how offending the president is going to help the people in maryland but that doesn't seem to matter the anti trump message is loud and clear and that's the name of the game in u.s. politics are you for trump or against him no other information is required that's
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not surprising when it comes to voters as they're divided along party lines like never before this is actually spruiking members of congress you cannot just run against donald trump and it is the job we democrats to put together a strong cohesive economic. group of proposals aimed at the middle class and those struggling to get better we are in a strange place it's almost it's becoming a cultish thing isn't it it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be purportedly of the same party democrats are now taking the cult thing to a whole new level they're even invoking old uncle joe he has very deliberately set up the press as the enemy of the people. saying that he first heard from joseph challenge this is very dangerous it undercuts democracy we decided to ask americans
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how much their vote will be influenced by one man's cult of personality do you plan to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. why not. go there. you need to look at the candidate and you need to see what the candidate has to offer and what the whether the candidate can pull off what they're promising to do what they think of trump not just what they've been trying to do you plan to vote in the midterm election when they do what you're trying to win again i don't like i don't like alan. views so i'm not going to people who are. mean that. you can say what i believe in and about this now well. it seems like america has already decided what the key issue in the upcoming vote will be and it's not going to be perceived the russian influence as some outlets would like you to believe it's going to be the donald but keep in mind he won't actually be anywhere on the ballot these are mid-term congressional elections but regardless the way american
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politics is developing it seems like the upcoming vote in november will be a referendum on one man he will mop and r.t. new york. installation of a u.s. military satellite says that when a south of italy has sparked outrage from residents there dozens of protesters clashed with police near a nato base that evening to some tense moments. oh. a controversial system would help send radio signals to american and nato ships in the mediterranean local residents they're worried that electromagnetic waves from the satellite dishes could lead to health problems. thousands of members of the druze religious sects and their supporters are protesting in the israeli city of tel aviv against a controversial new nation state law
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we are here a week and a poor message to their israeli government we will not settle down for anything less than equal rights as an israeli citizen. we feel we've been betrayed by the government. we don't understand how like these have been taken in didn't look at the. state like is that we like this state we are fighting for the peace of the state. the legislation which was adopted back in july has similar way to a constitutional amendment in the u.s. it would be very difficult to repeal and in shrines israel as the home of the jewish people and says national self-determination is the unique rights of the jews it also downgrades arabic stripping the language of its official status now the law .


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